We use fossil free energy

the share of fossil free energy in Metsä Board's production.
of our production waste is utilised as material or for renewable energy.
reduction in our fossil CO₂ emissions per product tonne between 2009-2020.
Saving energy
Between 2009–2020, we have saved
MWh of energy.
That's equal to the annual electricity consumption of

Preserving and cleaning water

of the water we use in production is returned to water bodies after it has been carefully treated.
of the water we use is surface water – saving valuable groundwater.
Efficient use of water also helps to reduce energy use and, in turn, CO₂ emissions.
Reducing weight
Our lightweight paperboards help reduce CO₂ emissions, from raw materials to production to transport to recycling.
The benefits of being lightweight:
Less energy, water and raw material consumed for production.
Lower transport weight reduces CO₂ emissions.
Less waste at the end of the product's life.
Between 2010 and 2020, we reduced
m3 of process water.
That's equal to the average annual water use of
people in