Sustainable forestry
Renewable fresh fibre for Metsä Board’s paperboards originates from sustainably managed Northern European forests
We have total control of our wood and pulp supply chain, which enables 100 % traceability – so we know where all our wood comes from.
All Metsä parties in our wood supply chain have both PEFC™ and FSC® Chain of Custody certificates.
Explore how sustainability and traceability are ensured in forest management.
Audits of wood procurement
Forest regeneration
Sustainable products
Traceable origin of wood
Protection of biodiversity
Protection of soil and water
Safety at work
Actions at the production units
Metsä Group, external auditors and authorities conduct on-site audits at the logging site.
Certification shows customers that the wood used in the products originates from sustainably managed forests.
Buffer zones close to water bodies prevent run-off of soil and nutrients and provide habitats and connectivity for many species.
All production units in the supply chain calculate the share of certified wood used in the products and report this forward all the way to the customer.
New seedlings are planted after regeneration felling.
Employees are provided safety training and protective equipment appropriate for the work they do.
Wood used in our products originates from PEFC™ or FSC® certified or controlled forests. Licence codes: PEFC™/02-31-92 and FSC®-C001580.
Biodiversity is promoted for example by leaving groups of retention trees and high biodiversity stumps, increasing the share of mixed forests, and protecting key habitats.